Healthcare Solutions

It is designed for all health establishments that provide comprehensive medical care, due to its flexibility and adaptability to cover small offices, first level clinics, up to second and third level hospitals.


Intelisis ERP in combination with Intelisis Healthcare Solutions they are capable of achieving administrative, financial and medical coverage in any health institution, helping our clients to take control of their hospital operation in a single system.

Intelisis Healthcare has designed an Electronic Health Record Information System, which aims to provide the necessary tools to the health professional for the capture, storage, protection, processing and obtaining of information in patient care. 


Diagnostic Auxiliaries
Laboratory •
Imagenology •
Patology •

Supporting services
Rehabilitation •
Endoscopy •
Hemodynamics •
Dialysis and Hemodialysis •
Chemotherapy •
Clinics •
blood bank •
Epidemiology •

• Intensive Care Unit
• Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
• Outpatient Hospitalization Unit
• Nurseries


Traceability of the patient during his hospital stay.

Export of statistical information to generate quality indicators through Reporting Services.

Codified through the universal catalogs CIE-10, CIE-9 and CIF

The ECE viewer is structured by episodes, events and encounters during medical care.


Uniform, legible and fast for consultation, due to its structure and organization.

24/7 availability to clinical files in real time.

Access through permissions to authorized administrative and financial clinical staff.

Permanent updating of the regulatory provisions published by the DGIS and SINBA.

Save time, labor
and money.

Regulatory framework

Mexican Official Standard
NOM-024-SSA3-2012, Electronic Registry Information Systems for health. Health Information Exchange.

Official Mexican Standard
Of the clinical file.

Evaluation model of the Integrated and Quality Clinical Record (MECIC)

National System of Basic Information on Health Matters (SINBA)


By the General Directorate of Health Information (DGIS), in the Information Exchange Guidelines:
• Information Report to the General Health Register 
• Information Report to the Register of Health Professionals  
• Application, Registration and Management of OID