Intelisis ERP

ERP for Wholesale

Wholesale distributors have faced the need to evolve from risk to marginalization, where it is no longer enough to serve as a low-margin pass-through between manufacturer and retailer. Therefore, it is important to implement the technology throughout the supply chain.

Intelisis ERP for Wholesale Trade

With Intelisis ERP for wholesale trade you will be able to develop the best business practices to modernize your customer journey. Plan, supply, store, sell and analyze, all in a single unified platform, integrating automated workflows that boost productivity.

This solution is focused on all those wholesale and distribution companies that want to optimize their supply chain by connecting suppliers, customers and employees.

ERP functionality for Wholesale Businesses

Intelisis ERP for the wholesale trade industry has multiple functionalities that facilitate the operation of processes, allowing adequate control and administration. The solution integrates: Sales and returns, prices and costs, commissions, shipments, customer service, purchases and imports, inventory management, expenses, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, accounting, human resources and intelligent reporting.


ERP Benefits for Wholesale Businesses


Generation of electronic invoicing and VAT with automatic control of serial/lot numbers.


Administration of intensive or selective distribution, control and reporting of delivery and pending balances, issuance and generation of documents and management of orders, routes and shipments.

Prices and costs

Recalculation, update, cancellation or programming of prices and costs.


Obtaining administration and management of financing, credit and payment information.


Registration of operations in inventory, classification/lotification of products, online consultation, location within the warehouse and control of inputs and outputs.

National and import purchases

Management of requisitions and quotes, purchase on consignment, guarantees, returns, fixed assets, management of tariffs by product and multi-costs.

Intelisis ERP Complements for Wholesale Businesses

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