Intelisis ERP
Business Intelligence

Intelisis CRM

More than a tool, it is a business strategy focused on satisfying the present and future needs of your customers.

Intelisis CRM software

Fully integrated with Intelisis ERP, it is the business strategy focused on anticipating, knowing, and satisfying the needs of your customers, as well as enhancing collaboration between marketing, sales and after-sales service areas and increasing the performance of your employees.


> Customer segmentation
> Campaign planning and management
> Reporting and analysis


> Lead and opportunity management
> Account and contact management
> Business unit management
> Offer letter, contract, and order management
> Access to items (services) and prices

Customer service

> Account and contact management
> Incident case management
> Service contract management
> Knowledge database management

Main uses of CRM

> Management of business objectives
> Understanding sources of conversion to sales
> Easy adoption by users
> Increased profitability 

> Telemarketing/Cold Prospecting
> Event management
> Social network analysis
> Email marketing integration 

> Account management
> Contracts renovation
> Increase in customer satisfaction
> Cross selling

> Creation of sales forecasts
> Quote management
> Marketing campaign management
> Sales report and analysis 

> Competitor analysis
> Pre-qualification/Opportunity qualification
> Sales and Marketing Union
> Sales flow management 

> Access management
> Calendar Integration
> Task assignment
> Generation of automatic notifications 

CRM system benefits

Know your profitability

Measure the impact of the results of your commercial process, marketing, or after-sales service.

Full integration

We integrate all processes with Intelisis ERP. Catalogs, classifications, families and transactions are connected bidirectionally.

Business follow-up

Know the status of the processes, person responsible and closing date.

Real time information

View your customer and business information from one place: billing, invoicing, expenses, budget and orders.

Control panel

Compare information between both platforms on the same dashboard such as customer orders (CRM) vs. actual collections (ERP).

Unified Processes

Give continuity to your processes with our bidirectional link.

Share Information

Achieve communication between the areas of your business. Having access to the same source of information

Source control

You decide from which platform you want to control your information.