Intelisis ERP

ERP for Manufacturing (MES)

Improve your production control and efficiently manage your business processes. Planning, programming, execution and monitoring of your entire business from the raw material to the final product.

ERP for Manufacturing (MES)

Intelisis MES (Manufacturing Execution System) automates master production planning, monitoring the progress of work orders, facilitating data collection on the floor and integrating real costs until product delivery to your customers. It allows all production cycles to have information backup and planning security. It integrates all the information needed by providing full visibility for continuous, batch, discrete, mixed, inventory, per-order, and custom-configured assembly or engineering order models.

ERP functionality for Manufacturing

Intelisis ERP for the manufacturing industry has multiple functionalities that facilitate the operation of processes, allowing adequate control and administration. The solution integrates: production planning, costs, inventories, process start and end control, average equipment efficiency report and administration.

ERP Benefits for Manufacturing

Zero Inventory

Reduction of the inventory level with which it operates and the working capital invested.

Work in Process WIP

Management of raw materials entered into the production process but that are not ready for sale since they are not a finished product.

Preventive Maintenance

Scheduling of preventive maintenance on production machines to reduce repair costs.

Out of Stock

Prevent inventory from running out of stock at peak demand in order to keep up with peak seasons.


It communicates the operational and administrative flows of all areas of the company to control and plan efficiently.

Stoppage Reduction

Definition of production lines to establish operational continuity by stations.

Smart Planner Intelisis ERP for Manufacturing

Efficiently integrates processes of finite planning models and management in production centers of advanced manufacturing projects.

Intelisis ERP Complements for Manufacturing

Strengthen the functionality of your administrative system by complementing it with other Intelisis solutions

Intelisis CRM

More than a tool, it is the business strategy focused on satisfying the present and future needs of its clients.

Intelisis Business Intelligence

Business intelligence solution designed to manage relevant information that improves the efficiency of your operations in a single click.