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Intelisis BI

Generate dashboards and analytical reports from your company's relevant data. View information anywhere, on any device and in real time to facilitate assertive decision making.

Intelisis Business Intelligence software

Intelisis BI is a business intelligence solution designed on the Qlik Sense platform that allows you to visualize the main indicators of your business to facilitate prompt decision making. A BI strategy is based on the analysis of real and reliable data translated into valuable information for companies and their stakeholders. It facilitates the collection of relevant indicators, drives the generation of business tactics and digitizes information. With Intelisis BI, forget about bad practices and dependence on rigid processes that hinder your performance.

Immediate Benefits

Reduction of operating costs

Facilitates assertive decision making

Identification of new business opportunities

More sales, better negotiations

Business intelligence functionalities

Web application that can be viewed from any mobile device, Android, iOS, laptop, iPad.

Dashboard building for the visualization of key performance indicators (KPIs).

Data from heterogeneous sources, unified representation and loading into the Data Warehouse. Central repository so that everyone in the organization works with the same business information.


Study and representation of historical data, trends, deviations or anomalies.

Pivot tables and analytical models of tabular, multidimensional or mining data. Real-time information from operational data sources.