Intelisis Express

Intelisis Express

All the power of a preconfigured ERP in the cloud, aimed at small and medium-sized companies looking to acquire a business management software.


Intelisis Express integrates the operations of all areas of your business, in the same operation flow, allowing a timely and effective control of each process; invoicing, collection, inventory management, accounting, purchasing and payments on the same platform, on any device and in real time.

Cloud technology allows you to access your information from any geographic location, while eliminating infrastructure and administration requirements, as well as cost margins. The benefits translate into easier decision making, increased productivity and profitability for your company.


Suppliers engaged in the purchase and wholesale of all types of general items.



Companies specializing in the commercialization of retail products for sale.


Distribution centers

Warehousing of products and outbound orders for retail or wholesale distribution.


Professional Services

Consulting companies, outsourcing, accounting and tax firms, agencies, etc.

Intelisis Express Features


Responsive system for mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, PCs. Access your information from any device, in real time.


Intelisis ERP grows at the same speed as your business without interrupting your operations.


Integration of data security best practices regardless of system architecture.


Control of work processes to increase productivity and error management.


Direct technical support service, implementation, data migration and upgrades.


Different types of architecture depending on your company's needs: hybrid, on-premises or in the cloud.


Customize the system to multi-currency, multi-level, multi-user and multi-language.


Connectivity with CRM, BI platforms and multiple Intelisis and third-party applications.

Intelisis Express Features

Frequently Asked Questions:

Intelisis Express is a Preconfigured ERP Software, aimed at small and medium-sized companies looking to buy their first ERP, without having to make a heavy investment.

Cloud System: Hosted in our cloud servers.
-Preconfigured processes and movements: As a result of 30 years of experience and the implementation of more than 10,000 lines of business, Intelisis ERP takes into account the best practices in the industry, which allows us to provide a Preconfigured model, substantially reducing the time required for implementation.

Retail, Trading, Wholesalers and Service Companies Is

To confirm compatibility, it is necessary to know which the system to be interfaced is, and what information we are going to send and receive from the system with which we want to have compatibility.

There are 3 Intelisis Express packages, and you can grow as your company grows, the packages are:

1.- Basic Package: Preconfigured Intelisis ERP
2.- Plus Package: Preconfigured Intelisis ERP + BI
3.- Premium Package: Preconfigured Intelisis ERP + BI + CRM