Intelisis ERP

ERP for Real Estate and Construction

The real estate and construction sectors require that each building be properly managed from the planning and completion phase to the management of sales, maintenance, contracts and cost projections.

ERP for Real Estate and Construction


A constant challenge in these sectors is the lack of timely and reliable information that translates into new projects. Some common problems are the duplication of work and tasks to manage projects related to the construction or commercialization of real estate, as well as poor administration when selling and granting the commercial address a status of each sale process.

The Intelisis ERP solution for Real Estate Development solves all the headaches of these sectors by managing, controlling and simplifying all the operational processes, from the particular administration of each construction project, to the commercialization of each development.

ERP functionality for Real Estate and Construction

Intelisis ERP for the real estate and construction industry has multiple functionalities that facilitate the operation of processes, allowing adequate control and administration. 

ERP Benefits for Real Estate and Construction


Generation of electronic invoicing and VAT with automatic control of serial/lot numbers.

Treasury and collection

Management of accounting movements, traceability, accounts payable, maturities, accounts receivable and automated alerts.


Control of preventive and corrective maintenance on site and finished buildings.


Administration of various construction projects and sale of real estate developments with real-time monitoring.


It integrates operational and administrative processes of construction works and identifies the real status of each project, as well as costs and deviations in accrued expenses.

Admin of Real Estate

Monitor the sales process and status of visits to real estate, which prospects are about to buy and which have become customers.

Human Resources

Human capital management, hiring and dismissal of personnel, disabilities, hiring, renewals and benefits for collaborators.


Control of contracts with customers, suppliers and partners, both construction and maintenance and purchases.

ERP Planograms for Real Estate and Construction

Digitize the distribution of real estate and works under construction to facilitate the administration of sales, rents, contracts and vacant spaces. 

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